Prewed Racka + Nona

Foto Prewed ini dilakukan di Museum Transportasi TMII

1119891_10201720907611279_9830341_o 1102459_10201720909571328_1666562025_o 994237_10201720908091291_1809062349_n 17731_10201720912771408_1450624991_n 944585_10201720915891486_1224207676_n 1098493_10201720912051390_1427552582_n 935865_10201720918291546_827959597_n 934642_10201720911491376_364329174_n 1077722_10201720915291471_2019970299_o 1075481_10201720910411349_898710980_o 1003748_10201720917971538_1353643053_n 556320_10201720914931462_869366090_n 933910_10201720918691556_236164813_n


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