Prewed Anggi + Riski

Foto Prewed ini dilakukan di Jalan Sudirman (Car Free Day), Rumah Riski sekitaran Sudirman dan Kuningan City 😀

857231_10202214523631371_838350702_o 881923_10202214534871652_1400666661_o 960011_10202214518351239_859119262_n 1262532_10202214513631121_814066083_o 1264909_10202214540151784_1240368975_o 1266017_10202214527831476_1000454512_o 1268048_10202214525111408_282564039_o 1270505_10202214541391815_96354871_o 1271671_10202214535351664_925394560_o 1273013_10202214502390840_1877435098_o 1274927_10202214529031506_1130478040_o 1376519_10202214535271662_737068782_n 1380724_10202214521711323_1077844121_n 1393432_10202214505190910_46793585_n 1397038_10202214519791275_1143601418_o 9395286716_43f2572879


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